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Ceres and District Environment and Amenity Protection Group addresses issues arising from planning applications that adversely effect the environment and amenity of the area. We address these issues on relevant planning grounds and use Scottish national policy and the Fife development plan as our guide.

Carskerdo Screening Application.

Temporis Wind launched a three turbine proposal near Strathkinness and we attended the meeting. We spoke to their contract manager David Jazwa. He confirmed that they were not proceeding with the single turbine proposal at Carskerdo and sent us the following email

From: David Jazwa
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2015 12:14 PM
To: lang.callange@[redacted email address].com
Cc: Sebastian Riss
Subject: Proposed wind turbine at Carskerdo Farm

Dear Mr Lang
Further to our brief conversation about Carskerdo Farm on Monday (at the public meeting in Strathkinness) I would like to confirm that due to unfeasible grid connection offer Temporis Wind (acting as the agent) will not be taking this forward. I trust this is sufficient. Do let me know if you have any questions.
Kind regards

David Jazwa
Temporis Wind Limited

Carskerdo Wind Farm

We were at the recent All-Energy Renewables Conference and Exhibition in Glasgow on 6th May 2015 and Element Power had a stand. RDS Element Power was the applicant named on the Screening Application for the three 100 metre turbines at Carskerdo.

We grabbed the chance to speak to Ruth Colak of Element Power who told us they no longer have any interest in the proposal but we have still to hear from their erstwhile partner RDS (Renewable Development Scotland) and the mysterious Douglas Henry who came to the Ceres and District Community Council meeting in September 2013.

Like Manuel “he who knew nothing” Ruth sent him the following message, Deafening silence from Douglas. Nothing new in that. We may need to visit his pad in Barnton !

Good morning Douglas

Can you please contact Graham Lang on the contact details below. Graham came to visit us this morning at the Power Club at All Energy Conference looking for an update on the Caskerdo Project.
I have advised Graham that Element Power will not be progressing this project however Graham would like an update from yourself that he can share with the community.
Please contact Graham at your earliest convenience on the details below:

Graham Lang (Ceres Community Council)

Blackfaulds Turbine – Update

In July 2014 the status of the application on Fife Council planning website changed to case closed. A few weeks later, although he knows very well the CADEAP position on wind turbines, we had a visit from William Buttercase the owner of Blackfaulds Farm and his son Jim. He explained that he had hoped a turbine would have provided some long term income and security for his son and entered into an agreement with Ashton Smith which restricted his ability to sell his land. He is aware that the case is closed but no idea why as he has had no communication from the agent and he cannot make any telephone contact.

We contacted Fife Council on behalf of Mr Buttercase and got the following reply.

I have examined the case file and there is to be honest limited information, it would appear that after the agent submitted the original application in August 2013 no further correspondence was received. As part of workload reviews where there has been no action from an agent and in this case as the screening response period had elapsed several months previously, the case was closed by the council. I cannot tell from the file whether Mr Buttercase’s agent was contacted prior to this but that would be normal procedure.

Our advice to Mr Buttercase is having done his best to contact the applicant and following CADEAP’s contact with Fife Council is to consider the matter closed.

Application Reference: 14/02522/SCR Date : 23.07.14
Proposal: Screening Opinion for erection of single wind turbine with a tip height of 77 metres
Address: West Mains Farm east of Baldinnie, Peat Inn, Fife

By lodging this screening application in July 2014 the applicant/developer asked Fife Council if they would require to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment with any future application for a single turbine with a blade tip height of 77 metres. They were advised that an Environmental Impact Assessment would not be required and given advice on what information would be required in the form of an Environmental Statement with any future application. Temporis have an interest in a number of other sites in East Fife but, as yet, have not lodged any full planning applications.

Watch this space.

Clatto Turbine

Application Reference: 13/02309/FULL Date : 08.08.13
Proposal: Erection of single Wind Turbine (45.5m total height to blade tip)
Address: Clatto Farm Cupar Fife KY15 7TG

In response to concerns by householders close to the site we objected to this proposal as did Ceres and District Community Council. The application came before the planning committee on 2nd July with a recommendation for approval. A motion for refusal was supported by a majority of the committee and it was refused by notice dated the 7th July 2014.

The Applicant appealed this decision. The appeal was upheld and planning permission duly granted on 7th November 2014 and the turbine erected in the Spring

Application Reference: 14/03510/FULL Date 20.10.14
Proposal: Erection of 500 kW wind turbine (79m to blade tip)
Address: Muirhead Farm Fife

In response to concerns by householders close to the site we objected to this proposal as did Ceres and District Community Council. The application came before the planning committee on 8th April 2015 with a recommendation for approval. A motion for refusal by Councillor Kennedy was supported by a majority of the committee and it was refused by notice dated the 14th May 2015.
The Applicant may appeal the decision.

Watch this space.

Carskerdo – Screening Application

Another screening application has been lodged for a single turbine at Carskerdo Farm.

Not RDS Element Power this time who have a proposal for three 100 metre turbines at Carskerdo but Temporis Wind Limited. This developer is bringing forward small developments all over Scotland in an attempt to cash in on the Feed-in Tariff before it disappears. This development would be in “partnership” with the farmer who is no doubt desperate to make progress and boost his income.

CADEAP flagged this up to Douglas Henry a director of RDS Element Power who may or may not have known about it. He was his usual cagy self and if he knows anything he is not about to tell any of us who would be affected by his three 100 metre turbines. He didn’t say they were not going to lodge an application . That does not mean that they will. Our advice would be to lift the cloud that has settled above Carskedo, tell us they are no longer interested in the site and walk away. That would be the decent thing to do.and in trut, since it has a much chance of getting planning consent as Graham Lang winning the under 50’s three legged race, the wise thing to do.

We have never seen two developers scrapping over a bit of the Fife countryside before. There is usually honour among you know what and once one has tied up a deal with a farmer others would steer clear.

14/01029/SCR | Screening opinion for erection of 1 (500kW) wind turbine (77m to blade tip) | Land North Of Carskerdo Farm Montrave Kennoway Fife

RDS Element Power at Ceres and District Community Council

The one thing that was abundantly clear from the visit of RDS Element Power director Douglas Henry to the Ceres and District Community Council meeting in Craigrothie on 9th September was that absolutely nothing was clear and Philip Mould from Struthers had this letter published in the Courier and the Fife Herald on the Friday following the meeting.

A further letter was submitted to the Courier on the 17th September 2013;