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Ceres and District Environment and Amenity Protection Group addresses issues arising from planning applications that adversely effect the environment and amenity of the area. We address these issues on relevant planning grounds and use Scottish national policy and the Fife development plan as our guide.

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Clot evacuation reduces perihematomal edema in hemorrhagic stroke By Peter Sergo.

Clot evacuation reduces perihematomal edema in hemorrhagic stroke By Peter Sergo, medwireNews Reporter Minimally invasive surgery coupled with recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator significantly reduces perihematomal edema in sufferers with intracerebral hemorrhage . The finding, released in Stroke, comes from an analysis of the minimally invasive medical procedures and rt-PA in ICH evacuation stage II trial, which tested efficacy and safety of hematoma evacuation after ICH. MISTIE II enrolled 118 patients in a multicenter, randomized, prospective trial with the purpose of examining image-guided catheter-based blood coagulum removal in patients with hypertensive ICH . Continue reading

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China Pharma Holdings announces completion of clinical trials for Candesartan China Pharma Holdings.

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