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By contrast, lung cancer incidence or mortality elevated in 18 states, most of which are in the Midwest or South. ‘The observed decrease in the incidence and loss of life rates from all cancers combined in women and men overall and in nearly all racial and ethnic groupings is highly encouraging,’ the authors write. ‘However, this must be seen as a starting place rather than destination. A dual strategy will be needed to sustain and prolong this progress in to the future. Second, ongoing research is needed to improve our current ways of prevention, early recognition, and treatment.’.. Cancer declines for first-time in United States The overall incidence of cancer and death due to cancer dropped for the very first time in men and women in the usa, according to a written report published in the November 25 online problem of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.As a small business owner I’m still left wondering what to tell my workers and their families. How do this happen in America? Zucker said.

Anthrax defenses have to be strengthened say experts By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD It has been ten years since the anthrax episodes brought home the truth of bioterrorism and the nation includes a stockpile of some fundamental tools to fight against some of the threats that worry defense experts the most. These defenses aren’t gathering dust awaiting another attack just. The person, who survived, received some sort of medication not available in October 2001 when anthrax spores sent through the mail killed five people and sickened 17. Concern is that the nation’s arsenal hasn’t grown fast enough. A decade later, there are no treatments for several bugs on the concern list.