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COC pill alleviates symptoms of painful menstrual periods A big Scandinavian study.

Follow-up five years later The experts questioned three sets of females who reached the age of 19 in 1981, 1991 and 2001. Each group included 400 to 520 women approximately, who provided details on their height, weight, reproductive history, pattern of menstruation and menstrual discomfort, and contraceptive use. Five years these were assessed again at age 24 later. Significant difference By evaluating the same females at two different age groups, the researchers were able to use each female as her own control, enabling them to determine whether any decrease in severity of symptoms was because of combined oral contraceptive use or increasing age group.Some of the side results happen since it throws off the body’s ‘water to sodium’ balance. This happens when dosage is normally too high. These kinds of shots are banned by the IOC. A urine check will come back positive up to 4-5 days after acquiring the hormone shot. Because the hormone requires the accepted host to LH, it has a tendency to suppress regular testosterone amounts. The price is just about the same across the world. It can cost from $10-$40 per 5000 IU. Because the doses it will come in is high extremely, users will get themselves paying anywhere between $1000-$80,000.