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Guenael Rodier.

As Turks have a problem with bird flu professionals say it will be controlled As local officials were sealing off parts of the major towns of Ankara and Istanbul and a large number of birds were being culled, Guenael Rodier, head of a World Health Organization group sent to investigate the outbreak said he believes the outbreak could be brought under control relatively easily. Rodier says it is unclear why a lot of people have been contaminated in Turkey so quickly, but it is possible there is a more efficient transmission from animals to humans now.But only about one-third of individuals ages 18 to 64 got vaccinated. The CDC did point out that some vaccinated people still develop severe cases of flu. ‘It’s also important to remember that some individuals who get vaccinated may still obtain sick, and we have to make use of our second line of protection against flu: antiviral medicines,’ said Frieden. He added, ‘We are committed to the advancement of better flu vaccines, but existing flu vaccines are now the very best preventive tool available.’ CBS This Morning Flu shot: What you need to know about the brand new vaccine Dr. William Schaffer, head of the Section of Preventive Medication at Vanderbilt University, discusses the brand new flu vaccine that protects against. While hospitalization rates had been still highest among people 65 and old – – about 60 seniors per 100,000 flu instances hospitalized – – adults 50 to 64 years old will have the second-highest hospitalization price , followed by children younger than 4 .