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Released by Springer, it was co-edited by CNS-ASU’s associate director for education Jameson Wetmore, who’s an associate professor in the institution of Human Social and Evolution Change, and Susan Cozzens, a CNS-ASU senior investigator, professor of public policy at Georgia director and Tech of its Technology Policy and Assessment Center. ‘This book is the first major function that explores the current and potential future romantic relationship between equity and nanotechnology,’ stated Wetmore. ‘It brings together authors from six continents who examine the wide number of groups that may benefit or have problems with new advancements in nanotechnology including women, industrial workers, differently-abled people, developing countries, and the poor.’ Wetmore also co-edited the 1st volume in the ‘Yearbook of Nanotechnology in Society’ series, Presenting Futures.As U.S. Bolsters defenses against Ebola, price tag grows President Barack Obama vows national defense against the disease but reminds Americans that the human toll in Africa can be worthy of their support. Administration weighs tighter screening for worldwide travelers. LA Times: Obama Pulled 2 Ways In Responding To Ebola President Obama talked up his administration's response to Ebola and the techniques standing as a line of protection against the pass on of the virus in the U.S. While flanked by civilian and army advisors.