Ceres and District Environment and Amenity Protection Group

An area that manufactures most of the prescription medications available in America.

Machine parts floor into medication pills?IN-MAY 2006, after individuals complained of finding machinery pins inside tablet bottles of Wyeth’s depression drug Effexor and heartburn drug Protonix, the FDA delivered a warning letter to the factory involved, asking why the plant had not been in a position to detect that the affected equipment was lacking a few of its parts. Not absolutely all cases involved international materials. In March 2005, the FDA raided a Puerto Rican GlaxoSmithKline plant after getting reports that supplements of the antidepressant medication Paxil CR got split apart, rendering it hard for individuals to calculate correct dosages. For the reason that raid, brokers discovered tablets of the diabetes medication Avandemet that included improper dosages.The grantees, their technology, and applications are: – – Caring Choices ( – The Philips Medicine Dispensing Service technology for medicine adherence management will end up being introduced to four house health and senior living agencies in four rural and cities of California. – – American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation ( – Pharmacists will use Monitor-Rx, a web-based patient medicine assessment tool, to optimize the medication regimens of older adults observed in Irvine, CA. Each company plans to reach between 100 and 200 people and has generated measurable improvement goals, such as: increased medication compliance, enhanced quality of life, fewer hospitalizations or emergency room visits, documented cost cost savings, or more efficient company practice patterns.