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China Pharma Holdings announces completion of clinical trials for Candesartan China Pharma Holdings.

In China, nearly 60 percent of most urban adults aged 65 years and over suffer from hypertension, and prevalence in urban areas is likely to reach 100 million by 2011. Candesartan is listed in the China’s National Insurance Catalog , allowing individuals to be reimbursed simply by the national government. China Pharma’s CEO and president, Ms. Zhilin Li, commented, ‘We are very happy to announce the satisfactory completion of medical trials for Candesartan, a multi-billion dollar revenue-generating drug, ahead of timetable.It’s possible a panel of several filtration markers, including cystatin C, for example, coupled with some surrogate markers of nutritional status and body composition, will provide a far more accurate and meaningful estimate of GFR clinically. .

A respective contract between Bayer Schering Pharma and ProStrakan Group plc. Was signed which grants Bayer exceptional marketing privileges in these areas. Tostrex is certainly indicated for testosterone substitution therapy for male hypogonadism when testosterone insufficiency has been verified by medical symptoms and biochemical analyses. Tostrex is a 2 percent testosterone gel shown in a canister with a metered pump.