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Clarkston Consulting releases 2015 Life Sciences Trends Report Clarkston Consulting.

In addition, with the price and skills that technology advancement requires, biotech and pharma businesses will seek partnerships with tech and medical gadget companies, and vice versa. Supply Chain: With growing global individual populations, manufacturer consolidation, and big data and technology developments, supply chain performance is vital to business success. Lifestyle science companies are finding ways to better forecast demand and build even more agile supply chains, capitalizing on real-time data solutions. Furthermore, to comply with US Drug Supply Chain Security Take action requirements, companies at the forefront are collaborating with trading companions and strategically investing in serialization solutions and pilot programs that can improve efficiency and medication safety.True, sustainable, organic farming is definitely a holistic method of the microbes in the soil, the plant life, the animals, and the interactions between them. Barack Obama and MonsantoIn 2007, during the presidential debates, Barack Obama promised that if he got elected he’d allocate more money for organic agriculture. Of honoring that promise Rather, he appointed a man with ties to Monsanto, Tim Vilsack, to mind the USDA. If we are to have change that people can believe in, it has become apparent that people must become the change.