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Associated Press examines drug disposal practices of hospitals.

The Environmental Protection Company has begun to look at a national standard for the quantity of unused medications which health care facilities can dispose in normal water, but the agency would not finalize such a standard before 2009 likely, according to EPA recognized Ben Grumbles. Controlled Substances Narcotics and various other controlled substances will be the forms of medications probably to contaminate the normal water supply, the AP/Chronicle reports. According to the AP/Chronicle, hospital environmental administrators maintain that federal rules on narcotics, stimulants, depressants and steroids ‘make these drugs nearly impossible to take care of safely as waste.’ Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson Rogene Waite stated, ‘DEA happens to be developing regulations to permit for the effective and safe destruction of controlled substances’ .Aspirin can prevent stroke and heart attacks: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD In a large scale Australian study, researchers have found that Aspirin can conserve lives and reduce rates of stroke and heart attack drastically. Meg Jardine from the George Institute for Global Health explained that there has been unclear proof these ramifications of aspirin, which is essentially a pain killer, and debate whether it should be used more to overcome cardiovascular disease broadly.