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Injuries to the ankle area of the foot are the most frequently misdiagnosed of all foot fractures.

Careful diagnosis might help avoid long-term disabilities associated with uncommon fractures Located in regions of the foot that can be hard to visualize with X-rays and other imaging techniques, injuries to the ankle area of the foot are the most frequently misdiagnosed of all foot fractures rx apotek . Delayed diagnosis can have serious outcomes, sometimes leading to permanent disability. A new review content published in the December 2009 problem of The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons implies that an in depth description of the injury, recognition of subtle diagnostic imaging clues, and targeted physical exam might help avoid long-term accidental injuries and disabilities that might occur due to these uncommon fractures.

Cardiosolutions raises $7 million for minimally invasive program for fix of regurgitant mitral valves Cardiosolutions, Inc. Offers closed a $7 million Series A Convertible Preferred Share financing led by BioVentures Investors, the company announced. Cardiosolutions is usually creating a proprietary, minimally invasive program for restoration of a regurgitant mitral valve interfering with regular heart function. The financing will fund pilot individual trials of the technology, anticipated in 2008. Mitral regurgitation may be the most common type of center valve insufficiency. It really is a long-term disorder where the valve that separates the left upper chamber of the center from the left lower chamber will not close properly.