Ceres and District Environment and Amenity Protection Group

Blackfaulds Turbine – Update

In July 2014 the status of the application on Fife Council planning website changed to case closed. A few weeks later, although he knows very well the CADEAP position on wind turbines, we had a visit from William Buttercase the owner of Blackfaulds Farm and his son Jim. He explained that he had hoped a turbine would have provided some long term income and security for his son and entered into an agreement with Ashton Smith which restricted his ability to sell his land. He is aware that the case is closed but no idea why as he has had no communication from the agent and he cannot make any telephone contact.

We contacted Fife Council on behalf of Mr Buttercase and got the following reply.

I have examined the case file and there is to be honest limited information, it would appear that after the agent submitted the original application in August 2013 no further correspondence was received. As part of workload reviews where there has been no action from an agent and in this case as the screening response period had elapsed several months previously, the case was closed by the council. I cannot tell from the file whether Mr Buttercase’s agent was contacted prior to this but that would be normal procedure.

Our advice to Mr Buttercase is having done his best to contact the applicant and following CADEAP’s contact with Fife Council is to consider the matter closed.

Application Reference: 14/02522/SCR Date : 23.07.14
Proposal: Screening Opinion for erection of single wind turbine with a tip height of 77 metres
Address: West Mains Farm east of Baldinnie, Peat Inn, Fife

By lodging this screening application in July 2014 the applicant/developer asked Fife Council if they would require to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment with any future application for a single turbine with a blade tip height of 77 metres. They were advised that an Environmental Impact Assessment would not be required and given advice on what information would be required in the form of an Environmental Statement with any future application. Temporis have an interest in a number of other sites in East Fife but, as yet, have not lodged any full planning applications.

Watch this space.