Ceres and District Environment and Amenity Protection Group

Carskerdo – Screening Application

Another screening application has been lodged for a single turbine at Carskerdo Farm.

Not RDS Element Power this time who have a proposal for three 100 metre turbines at Carskerdo but Temporis Wind Limited. This developer is bringing forward small developments all over Scotland in an attempt to cash in on the Feed-in Tariff before it disappears. This development would be in “partnership” with the farmer who is no doubt desperate to make progress and boost his income.

CADEAP flagged this up to Douglas Henry a director of RDS Element Power who may or may not have known about it. He was his usual cagy self and if he knows anything he is not about to tell any of us who would be affected by his three 100 metre turbines. He didn’t say they were not going to lodge an application . That does not mean that they will. Our advice would be to lift the cloud that has settled above Carskedo, tell us they are no longer interested in the site and walk away. That would be the decent thing to do.and in trut, since it has a much chance of getting planning consent as Graham Lang winning the under 50’s three legged race, the wise thing to do.

We have never seen two developers scrapping over a bit of the Fife countryside before. There is usually honour among you know what and once one has tied up a deal with a farmer others would steer clear.

14/01029/SCR | Screening opinion for erection of 1 (500kW) wind turbine (77m to blade tip) | Land North Of Carskerdo Farm Montrave Kennoway Fife