Ceres Primary School

An application to extend the school to provide two new class rooms.
Application Reference 09/03113/lbc

In February 2010 we were approached by concerned residents living close to the site who did not object to the school extension but felt that the external finishes were not appropriate to the conservation status of the village. We looked at the plans and considered the reasons for the concerns were valid. We agreed that the timber panelling would not be in keeping with the conservation area and nearby listed buildings. CADEAP objected and provided advice to others.

Fife Council subsequently hosted a public exhibition and the officials and architect put forward a cement rendered finish as an alternative which we found sufficient of an improvement for us to withdraw our objection. The plans were subsequently approved and with finance in place construction started in the summer of 2011

The main problem with this application was the lack of consultation with neighbours of the Primary School and Fife Council has undertaken to enter into pre-planning consultation with neighbours in the future.